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Wheels and Tyres

We supply upgraded wheels for all cars. If you just want to change the look or improve performance and acceleration we can help. We also do strengthened wheels for off road vehicles and weight bearing vehicles such as bullet proofed cars and SUV's.

Performance Braking

We offer performance brake rotors and pads of different compounds to suit specific requirements such as track, race or fast road applications. We also do High performance brake and clutch fluid to handle higher heat applications. Braided brake lines are custom made for all vehicles, this will help with flex and ensure long life with no leaks.

Services and Mechanical Repairs

We do major and minor repair work on most vehicles, from major services with cambelts and clutches to minor work such as oil changes. Guarantees given on all parts and labour with a quick turn around time. We specialize in all German vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Porsche. We also offer a full service and diagnostic service for Audi S-tronic, Multitronic, VW DSG and Porsche PDK. We supply and use only original oils and filters for gearboxes, manual or auto. We do memory and operational setting resets on these gearboxes when serviced. This service is also available stand alone. This is required if the gearbox is feeling "notchy" or power has been upgraded.

Vehicle Customizing

We supply, fit and paint custom or upgraded body parts such as bumpers, side skirts, wings, spoilers, lights and bonnets etc.

Custom ECU Tuning and Coding

We do custom performance software to get the maximum out of your vehicle. We do live tuning and logging. Tuning can be done on the dyno as well to get immediate figures. We offer precision reliable high power tunes for all states of modification and all octane ranges. Bigger turbo files custom tuned for all the modifications fitted. We also do speciallity tunes for fuel consumption reduction and diesel particulate filter deletes.

Car Audio and Custom Installs

We offer upgraded replacement speakers for all vehicles, bolt in replacements or custom housings with bigger speakers. We can also add amplifiers/s and sub/s to all factory or aftermarket sound systems. Navigation radios with USB, SD and aux also available at the normal Din sizes or factory replacement sizes and shapes. Add on reverse cameras and software updates to allow Navigation on Volkswagen and Audi platforms also available.

Performance Parts

We supply and fit all performance parts for various vehicles including the following parts. Fuel injectors, low and high fuel pressure pumps, air intakes, intercoolers, full exhausts and down pipes, boost pipes, dump valves, waste gates, manifolds, oil and water lines, camshafts, valves, boost controllers, limited slip differentials, engine mountings, rods, pistons, bearings, air filters, coil packs, spark plugs and many many more.

Performance Suspension

We offer high performance coil springs to lower your vehicle and firm up the ride and improve handling. Shortened shocks are also available to match the lowered height of your vehicle. High performance shocks also offer rebound adjustment. Variable shock and spring sets also available, more commonly known as coil overs. Entry level sets are only height adjustable, high performance sets are available with compression, rebound and height adjustment. To compliment these we also supply firmer anti roll bars to reduce body roll during cornering. We also offer Polyurethane bushes to reduce suspension flex and improve handling.

Xenon Conversions and LED Bulbs

We supply and install aftermarket xenon conversion kits into any vehicle. This will increase your visibility by 300% and give you the white light that many high end performance cars have. We also sell replacement LED bulbs for all bulb sizes found in cars. Canbus and Non- Canbus bulbs available to cancel bulb out warnings if applicable.

OEM and Replacement Parts

We supply and install Original manufacturer parts (OEM) at reduced prices. We also offer aftermarket replacement parts of superior quality as well as upgraded parts to handle more power and proven extended reliability.

Air Suspension Replacement Parts

We supply and install replacement air suspension components, such as shocks, compressors, pumps, distribution block, relays and control units for Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Air Ride Systems

We offer complete air suspension system to turn any vehicle's suspension into air ride. This requires the removal of all shock absorbers and coils and installation of air struts with a compressor, tank and control unit. This will give you full control of your vehicle's height and ride.

Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Custom Inserts

We do full vehicle wraps into any colour of your choice as well as partial wraps such as rear spoilers, roofs or bumper inserts

Clear Vinyl Paint Protection

We offer clear vinyl protection for your vehicle. You can do any or all parts of the vehicle. This wrap will protect against all stone chips and medium to light scratches. It will also help for the paint not to fade from UV exposure.

Body Shop

We offer replacement body panels with fitment and paint to original manufacturers standards and specification. We also do wheel repair and we re-furbish all wheels, OEM or aftermarket including Magnesium wheels.

Turbos and Superchargers

We offer OEM replacement and aftermarket replacement turbos for most vehicles, including uprated and upgraded custom turbos. We supply and install Supercharging systems, with all additional required hardware for Mercedes Benz models. We Specialize in the K04 OEM VW turbochargers.

Carbon Doctor Bryanston

At Carbon Doctor we have adopted a tried and tested method of cleaning the carbon of your valves and inlet ports. Walnut shell blasting has been used for the better part of the century to clean sensitive components ranging from pc boards to jet turbines. This is also important when used in the cylinder head of a vehicle as the majority are made of aluminum which is highly sensitive to surface changes.

Using the right size and density the walnut shell is blasted into the intake track creating a clean surface whilst preventing any damage to sensitive engine components. The process is as follows:

1. Removal of inlet manifold following manufacturers procedures
2. Inspection of the valves and rear of the throttle body
3. Closing of the valves on the port to be worked on by crankshaft rotation
4. The carbon blast procedure is conducted whilst simultaneously vacuuming carbon deposits and walnut shell. This procedure is totally self contained and does not create further clean-up work in the engine bay.
5. Repeat for the rest of the ports
6. The inlet manifold is then replaced using new factory manufactured gaskets.

Carbon Doctor uses this process as it is both cost and time affective guaranteeing a same day turnaround in order to get the vehicle back on the road. Other methods currently used necessitate the use of strong chemicals and metal brushes. This unorthodox method requires the inlet to be soaked overnight creating both a time delay for the customer as well as facing corrosive risks on aluminum components.

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