About Us

The HPFactory is a repair and modification workshop that specializes in maintaining your vehicle to keep it running smoothly and making optimal power. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship with superior accuracy. We offer replacement and re-conditioned parts, from gearboxes,

to cylinder heads etc etc. We also offer specific problem diagnosis and full diagnostic assessment as well. We do on site modification and testing with full data logging. Only the highest quality products are supplied, installed and warrantied by us.

We have been in business since 2010 and have been in the automotive trade since 2006. We are a owner run business with in depth knowledge of all things German automobile. We only use the best tools and specialized equipment to ensure perfect fitment and alignment, first time. For any further questions or queries please contact us.

HPFactory Team

Marchand Müller

– Owner and CEO

9 years auto trade experience in repair, modification and customization

Jackie Müller

- Accounts

Fully qualified accountant and book keeper

David Pheello Mokoena

- Technician

4 years mechanical experience

Client Testimonials

Bradley Meyer

I would recommend HPFactory to anyone.

" When I bought the 2012 Scirocco R I was completely unsure about which software platform to get. After searching the forums for many weeks it was clear to me that everyone had their own opinion on what is best, so I decided to phone each tuning company respectively and ask a few questions. I got in contact with most representatives from each tuning company and asked them a few questions, each one didn't seem to care about my phone call or the questions I had, they treated me like "Just another customer". I then found HPFactory Marchands number and decided to give him a phone call, he answered every question I had, and we ended up talking for 18 minutes (my airtime). He made me feel comfortable with his methods and answered every question I had. I have had HPFactory for months now and the car hasn't skipped a beat. Even to this day I can phone HPFactory and they will help me out as much as they can, they don't take your money and then ignore you. I would recommend HPFactory to anyone. "

- Bradley Meyer / Draughtsman

Allan Ramkirpal

Amazing guy…Amazing service..

" Marchand has helped me on numerous occasions with my cars. Not only does he do performance mods, but also works wonders on lower end models.. He sorted the gearbox out on my polo as well as the service… Then for my Audi S3..he has basically made this car come alive… the amount of advice given, his quality of work, and attention to detail is second to none… I would recommend him to any of my family and friends...without the blink of an eye.. Amazing guy.. Amazing service.. "

- Allan Ramkirpal / Product Engineer

Simphiwe Mhlakaza

I would advise anyone to get in contact with your company(HPFactory). Great service!

" Well let’s just say when you are part of the HPFactory family you are in good hands, whether it be 18:00 or 00:00 when you need help it is always available in one shape or form. I drive a Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi FR and all my cars needs are taken care of by this HERE company. Marsh you have been a great friend and a very reliable source for all my car mods and problems. I would advise anyone to get in contact with your company(HPFactory). Great service! "

- Simphiwe Mhlakaza / Process Engineer